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ScEnum (A short term for Scene Enumerator) was developed out of frustration with the way Unity manages scene assets in the inspector and scripts and tries to fix the most major issues with the SceneAsset system.

You can instead use simple strings to switch to a scene using the scene name, but this is a hassle and will break if you ever rename any of your scenes.

With ScEnum, you can pick scenes as script variables in the inspector, without them breaking the build of your standalone player due to the SceneAsset not being in the UnityEngine namespace.

ScEnum also makes sure that references to your scenes will not break when you rename them, making it much safer to use.

It will also make sure that you don’t forget to include scenes that you reference to in your build settings – ScEnum will automatically ask you if you want to add a scene you’re referencing to the build.


Scene1 Scene2 Scene3 Scene4 Scene5


Check out ScEnum in the Unity Asset Store